The Student Computing Services offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Florida is available to any UF student taking courses in the ECE Department.

Students may use our local and remote services 24/7 as it is our intention to have our resources as readily available as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


The "host key" for has changed, allow your SSH client to accept the new key. :

You will need to make your username smbpdc\username.

Changes in wireless access, information below from UF Campus Networking :

UFIT is pleased to announce that all wireless systems are undergoing a major upgrade this summer. These upgrades provide improved security and allow you to reconnect without having to enter your password. If you are connecting via wireless, try the "ufinfo" SSID which should take you to the Auto Config tool. Please try that first to gain access to the new wireless network "uf".

Printing now availlable in Lab using CIRCA Printers, more details on the ECEL Printing page.